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CASE STUDY SERIES | A Non-Profit Approach to Social Media

A Sign of the Times is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Charlotte's West Side. Their mission is to preserve the legacy of the African Diaspora through music, dance, and the spoken word. As a non-profit with a popular band, they struggled to maintain a strong social media presence, despite the potential to reach and engage a broader audience. That's where Valentine Marketing & Media stepped in.

Our team worked closely with A Sign of the Times to develop a targeted content and social media strategy, designed to increase engagement, reach, and overall awareness of their mission. Through carefully curated content, tailored to their unique brand and audience, we were able to help the organization experience a significant boost in their online presence.

Toni Tupponce, a member of A Sign of the Times, shared her thoughts on our collaboration: "Todd Valentine is committed to promoting the good in our community...not just the flashy, hot stuff that burns out in a minute. He adds youthful knowledge of technology to old soul insights with an eye for always digging deeper and learning more! They do good work!!!"

As a result of our partnership, A Sign of the Times has seen increased engagement and a wider reach, allowing them to expand their impact and share their mission with more people. In fact, they are now starting a podcast to further connect with their audience and share their message.

This case study showcases the power of a well-executed social media strategy in amplifying the voice of a non-profit organization. Valentine Marketing & Media is proud to have played a part in empowering A Sign of the Times to make a difference in their community. If your organization is looking to enhance its online presence and create meaningful connections, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your mission.

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